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Eco-FAD’s research…

Dear All

Apologies if there’s a bit of radio silence.

Took Ian Campbell of the WWF up on his comment to “do some research”.

Have a bit of a problem finding the research via the usual search engine methods…..

Bit confused as to whether I should be calling these things “eco-FADS” as per the John West article or “inshore FADs” as per Ian’s comment.

What are you actually calling these things guys?

Can you get posting your “eco-FADs”  or “inshore FADs” or “thingamabobs” research online so us ordinary folk can read it please?

And if you could include some stuff on how it reduces bycatch in industrial-scale tuna fishing then we really want to see it.

….might be some time y’all……

btw – if you don’t have a will to live, Google “eco-FADS” right now and see what comes up!

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John West and WWF get cosy.

Fast on the heels of The Guardian headline “John West and Princes accused of backtracking on tuna commitments” comes the press release from John West  that it is working in partnership with WWF

John West intends to fish for tuna using “eco-fads” exclusively by 2015.


Hasn’t John West already been working with WWF for some 5 years as part of the ISSF?  (For those of you Google-ing that one for the first time, that’s not the International Shooting Sport Federation!).

The other ISSF is a body founded by and consisting of the global tuna industry giants , scientists, “leaders in industry and environmental champions”, blah, blah…etc.

And the result of the last 5 or 6 years…… “eco-FADS” ….by 2015.

Eco-FADs. What exactly are eco-FADS?  What do they do?  How do they work in industrial-scale fishing as last time I looked they still put a 2,000m wall of net around the FAD and gather everything in.

As for 2015….If I were a betting man…!






The tuna comes home to roost

Greenpeace have in the last few days released an extraordinary video exposing the tuna fishing practices of two of the UK’s leading brands; John West and Princes.  After pledging to change to Pole & Line or FAD free, both brands were left alone for 3 years to sort things out..

True to their word, Greenpeace have returned to this story and outed both companies as liars and have begun a campaign to remind the public why they shouldn’t buy their tuna.

Please watch with caution & read the following article from the guardian:


…..rather than


Fishy promises…

Back in 2011, pressure from Greenpeace eventually resulted in the UK retailers changing their practices and promise to stop fishing with FAD’s.  The two biggest UK brands – John West and Princes also made  the same promise to end this practice by the end of 2014.

They are failing on a dramatic scale.

Despite changing a couple of small lines to Pole & Line, the volume lines (4 pack tuna + No Drain) which are listed in Asda, Tesco, Morrison’s,  Sainsbury’s,  Aldi & Iceland  are still caught in a way which is destroying our oceans; nets around FAD’s.

Who will hold them to account more than 3 years after their initial promise?

Proud as punch…


Today is the second time Reel Fish has launched onto UK retailer shelves.  After some problems with supply, we were forced to stop selling in 2013 and start afresh.  After lots of consideration, we went with a red design for stand-out, hand-caught some fish and called our friends at Waitrose (who have always been avid supporters!)  Hurrah!.

Launching this week, we are back and here to stay.

For those who didn’t know us the first time, Reel Tuna is always caught by hand using a pole and line.  The boats fish close to the shore and the fishermen pack the tuna onto ice to maintain the freshness.  The tuna is then quickly hand-filleted and positioned into cans to maintain the quality of both the colour and taste.

It’s as simple as that; hand-caught fish at a supermarket near you!