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Proud as punch…


Today is the second time Reel Fish has launched onto UK retailer shelves.  After some problems with supply, we were forced to stop selling in 2013 and start afresh.  After lots of consideration, we went with a red design for stand-out, hand-caught some fish and called our friends at Waitrose (who have always been avid supporters!)  Hurrah!.

Launching this week, we are back and here to stay.

For those who didn’t know us the first time, Reel Tuna is always caught by hand using a pole and line.  The boats fish close to the shore and the fishermen pack the tuna onto ice to maintain the freshness.  The tuna is then quickly hand-filleted and positioned into cans to maintain the quality of both the colour and taste.

It’s as simple as that; hand-caught fish at a supermarket near you!